Grafana settings for disabling dashboard import from UI

Hi, We want to disable loading new dashboards using url from Grafana UI. is there is any setting available for this?

Hi @vgude, welcome to the community!

Can you share more about this use case and which users you want to have this restriction?

There’s not a Grafana setting to disable importing dashboards. But, you could assign a viewer role to some users. A user with the viewer role can’t add dashboards.

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@melori.arellano, Thanks for the reply. We are deploying grafana in kubernetes. During grafana startup, we are importing dashboards. We dont want users to import/create any new dashboards.

We didnt created any users in grafana (only default admin account will be there in grafana) and we disabled login form as well.
I tried to test by enabling anonymous auth with viewer role for Main org. But still i was able to import new dashboards. Was there anything else i can try?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @vgude, that should work. I tested the steps myself, can you share a screenshot of where you are seeing the option to import a dashboard in the UI while unauthenticated?

We use anonymous access with the setting viewers_can_edit on It allows users to edit/inspect a dashboard, but they can’t save it.

@melori.arellano please find attached screenshot.

And below are the settings from grafana.ini file:
disable_login_form = true

enabled = true
org_name = Main Org.
org_role = Viewer

Those settings look right, but the screenshot shows menu icons that aren’t usually enabled for Viewer (the config gear). It makes me wonder if the org_role could be set somewhere else in your deployment config.

If you log in to grafana as admin, you can go to Server Admin (shield icon) > Settings and should see the settings in effect.

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