Grafana service on CentOS 7 server

Hi all!
While trying to setup grafana-server on a clean CentOS 7 server I realized that in recent releases (apparently starting happening in Nov 2019 in release 6.5.0) the systemctl stop signal is not being handled properly and exiting with failure.

I opened with as much details as I could but thought on sharing in the community to check if anyone else is facing this problem and is safe to ignore, otherwise I could upgrade until 6.4.5 which seems working fine.

Basically the installation (clean installation and upgrade from older releases) goes fine, service starts properly and grafana works fine apparently but the stop signal is not handled properly and exit is 1/FAILURE, apart from that all fine


ooh I received very quick answer in github issue actually so should be fixed soon, in case anyone else face the same details in ticket. Thanks