Grafana query variable dropdown issues when entering <space bar>

I have using Grafana 6.6.
And I had encounter some annoying issue with variable dropdown.
I’m using query variable type. That using LogAnalytics data source.
The query is working and retrieving results. The results are strings (some strings has spaces).
Now… when i’m on the dashboard and go to the variable and start typing, and type a “space”… some how grafana treat it as “enter” or pick the first string from dropdown, but if i to serach for a string with space i wont able to type it, as at moment i pressing “space” bar it select the first.


  1. create a variable with named “test” from Custom type and enter following values:
    “test 1, t est2, te st3, as test4”
  2. not save the variable and go back to dashboard.
  3. go to the drop down and start typing “t” in case i want the “t est2” string.
  4. so at moment i press “” it jumps to “test 1”