Grafana query timeframe only goes in full interval increments

i’m writing a lucene query in grafana to display the unique users that made transactions in the selected time frame.
I selected unique count in my metric to count the unique user_ids, and as the interval I selected the time frame (otherwise I get duplication in my user_ids count).

I have encountered that the query output doesn’t start from the selected time, it goes in full interval increments.
if I select the last 1hr as the interval at 11:51 am, I get these 2 results:
one for 10:00-11:00 and one for 11:00-11:51, I want the result for 10:51-11:51 (the last 1hr).
this happens in any time frame, the interval gets moved to the closest previous full interval increment (if I select 3hr as the interval, i’ll get 2 results: one for 6:00-9:00 and one for 9:00-11:51 for example).

how can I get the output for the correct time frame I selected?

Try the interval to auto, and open the Query Options and fill the min interval, let say 30m
Let see what happened…