Grafana Posting Multiple Group Rules within a folder as an array

Hello community,

Was hoping if someone could assist on this. Now our structure is as below:
We have 1 Folder with Multiple Alert Rule groups that further has multiple rules within each group.

Now when using API /api/ruler/grafana/api/v1/rules/{folderName} to post rules to a folder if it’s posted as an “array” it shows “bad request data” as shared below

If i remove 1st and last square brackets - it only posts the 1st rule group and leaves the rest out as it could be due to the “End of File” error which is shared in the screenshot.

I’ve also tried /api/v1/provisioning/alert-rules which also throws an error

I was hoping if i could get some assistance on how can i post new alert rules using an API within the same architecture as i have.