Grafana plot with name for each (x,y) point

I’m getting data from postgre plugin and I would like to graph it
Here is an example of my data shape :
name x y
vm1 5 8
vm2 2 1
vm3 5 5

I would like to have a panel like scatter plot of something like that, and by hovering the mouse on the point, it will display the name

Or this :

Does someone know if it exists ? Or the english name of this kind of plot ?

EDIT : Plotly is the solution

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Hi @ncrn,

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You can do this by selecting any type of Visualisation (e.g. Timeseries, Bar, Pie, Histogram).

Once you selected it, then goto the additional settings of that Visualsation on the right side and enable the following;

1 Tooltip => will show values when you hover
2. Legend => will show the legends e.g. in your case VM(x) and Time(Y) to the user visibility

Here is a sample screenshot;

Hi ,

Hope this helps

Hello @ncrn. Thanks for the “EDIT: Plotly is the solution” thing. One quick question. How did you achieve this with Plotly? Which plot did you use? I assume this is a Scatter Chart but how did you create the named 4 regions?