Grafana Permissions Error: "needed settings:read " as Admin User

Hi Community,

i have a strange problem with Grafana version v9.1.1 (9e60a1bff1)

When i navigate the settings panels as Admin user (i’m also Grafana Admin) and at the same time different users use the grafana dashboard (with different roles such as Viewer , Editor… ) the following error is showed:


I notice different GET requests with 403 status code response under the paths like

  • … /api/users/search?perpage=50&page=1&query=&activeLast30Days=false
  • …/api/admin/settings

The problem are only temporary and disappears with a simple page refresh. It seems that i don’t have permission to read settings. The authentication method used is JWT.

Could it be a configuration problem or what else ?
Many thanks.