Grafana - PagerDuty Integration is not working

Im following the doc to add PD notification channel. I have added the API key from PD but, its not working and testing fails.
“{“message”:“Failed to send alert notifications”}”

Where is the place to mention the PD account name, escalation policy in the integration which is not mentioned in the doc.

Grafana version - 4.6.1


It sounds like you may have added a PagerDuty api key rather than a service integration key, could that be the case? The integration key is tied to a service directly so you configure escalation policies and such directly on the service (in the pd ui). You find your services under Configuration -> Services in the PagerDuty web ui.

Good luck!

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Hi @lgram,
I tried to create service integration key by creating “Service Directory” in the new portal. However, I am not able to find Grafana component under “Add an Integration” section.
Am I missing anything here ?

I got the steps to create integration key. I choose Events API V2 to get this done.
Events API v2 Overview | PagerDuty Developer Documentation