Grafana mysql performance

I have a Grafana install that uses mysql. It has a number of dashboards that refresh every 5 seconds. It also has a few configured alerts. Mysql is experiencing a higher amount of load than I would expect. See the attached screenshot of highest cost queries. I am surprised to see a commit at the top of the list because I would have expected 99.99% of the queries to be read only. Does anybody have a guess where this is? Maybe it is updating last access time? Any advice to reduce cost?

My guess for the root cause is user session management. Disable [alerting] (if you are not using it) and don’t use default database for [remote_cache]. That should reduce a DB load.

Still struggling with this issue. [remote_cache] is no longer available. We have performance and scaling issues. Perhaps it is related to a combination of oauth and mysql. See attachment. There are 50k rows in the user_auth table for 10 or so active users. The rows are duplicated many times. I was previously on version 6.5.2 and have since upgraded to 6.7.3. Both versions behave the same way. We have test and production setup with the same issue. Seems Like a bug. Any suggestions?

That’s a bug. See GitHub for work around: