Grafana Mimir start failed due to no default interface name eth0

Hello All,
I am using the mimir linux based package and installed on Linux machine but getting error that for IP address found with eth0 and eno. In my case , network interface is R892 which associate to IP address.
So I have added “instance_interface_names:” in yaml file as well but still failing on it .

I added below line in config.

  - R892 | default = [R892]

ts=2024-04-04T21:23:26.810075549Z caller=netutil.go:85 level=debug msg=“looking for addresses” inf=“[R892 | default = [R892]]” inet6enabled=false

ts=2024-04-04T21:23:26.810212169Z caller=netutil.go:90 level=warn msg=“error getting addresses for interface” inf=“R892 | default = [R892]” err=“route ip+net: no such network interface”

ts=2024-04-04T21:23:26.810223898Z caller=netutil.go:118 level=debug msg=“detected IP address after looking up all configured interface names” ipAddr=“invalid IP”