Grafana Migration to a New Server

I have Grafana 3.x installed on an existing server. I am rebuilding a new server that will have additional resources, updated OS, and most recent (stable) version of Grafana.

I am trying to migrate my existing data (or cloning it rather) to this new server so that I don’t have to start from scratch. I have a lot of dashboards, users, etc. My basic plan is to:

  1. copy all the necessary files, folders from my 3.x installation to the new server
  2. Install the same 3.x Grafana onto the new server
  3. Proceed with updating 3.x -> 4
  4. Update 4 -> latest

Step 1 seems to work for some items, I am able to copy over the Grafana sqlite DB and get the users, dashboards, and data sources. However, when I enter into this newly installed 3.x version of Grafana and try to go to any organization/dashboard page outside the organization that I’m placed into by default, I get a 404 page not found error.

I’m guessing that I’m either not coyping enough, or perhaps something dealing with cache? Here’s what I’m copying from Server 1 -> Server 2 thus far:


Also, Organizations and Users have the same ID.

Any ideas as to what I could be missing?