Grafana Loki query

I have a log like this
0|Palo Alto Networks|PAN-OS|9.1.13-h3|end|TRAFFIC|1|rt=Nov 01 2022 16:14:16 GMT#012deviceExternalId=010108001394 src= dst= sourceTranslatedAddress= cs1Label=Rule dfasf suser= duser= app=ssl#012cs3Label=Virtual System cs3=vsys4 cs4Label=Source Zone cs4=dp_ria_inside_pr cs5Label=Destination Zone cs5=internet#012deviceInboundInterface=ae3.803 deviceOutboundInterface=ae1.800 cs6Label=LogProfile cs6=Loggin to Panorama#012cn1Label=SessionID cn1=34495912 cnt=1 spt=4409 dpt=46956 sourceTranslatedPort=38577#012destinationTranslatedPort=46956 flexString1Label=Flags flexString1=0x50001c proto=tcp act=allow#012flexNumber1Label=Total bytes flexNumber1=8453 in=3446 out=5007 cn2Label=Packets#012cn2=24 PanOSPacketsReceived=11 PanOSPacketsSent=13#012start=Nov 01 2022 16:14:15 GMT cn3Label=Elapsed time in seconds cn3=1 cs2Label=URL Category#012cs2=private-ip-addresses externalId=7153504147690794121 reason=tcp-fin

I need to create a graph based on reason other than tcp-fin , which aged-out , tcp-reset … My graph should have the count of all the reason separately in per minute

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