Grafana installation problem

Hi, I recently installed grafana fresh on our production system to do some monitoring, Whenever I click on the Data Sources Tab to add a new source, I get a response of " Unable to find application file"

“Grafana has likely been updated. Please try reloading the page.”

Loading chunk 17 failed.


ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 17 failed.


at Function.i.e (

at component (

at Object.invoke (


at Object.x [as forEach] (

at w (



at l.$digest (

at l.$apply (

I have attempted to restart the grafana server process, Ive refreshed the page and compared my config to the local and I cannot figure out what I did wrong.

I have the same issue, and have not found any solution, except to add into into /conf/provisioning/datasources/datasources.yaml this content:

# config file version

apiVersion: 1


  • name: Prometheus
    type: prometheus

    Access mode - proxy (server in the UI) or direct (browser in the UI).

    access: proxy

This obly helps me to select ‘Prometheus’ datasource into dashboards importing, but continue not allowing me to config a new Datasource in Grafana -Datasources - Config!