Grafana Influx 2 API token - no buckets found

Connecting Grafana OSS 9.3.2 with Influx 2.6.1
I got “No buckets found, error reading buckets” but only if I use a custom api token with rw permission on specific buckets.
If I use an all access api token works correctly, I get all buckets.
If test the custom api token not working with grafana, with postman works perfectly
How can I further troubleshoot this kind of issue?

This InfluxDB token issues seems to have started appearing in v2.5. Basically, unless someone knows their all access token created when they first installed / setup InfluxDB, the new custom API tokens do not appear to fully work.

InfluxDB backups (which need the original all access token) also seem to be affected. This post might help (I did not have time to read through it).

This might help: How to read the superuser access token in InfluxDB 2.6.1 - #8 by tjamesking - InfluxDB 2 - InfluxData Community Forums