Grafana-image-renderer plugin doesn't works

I have dashboard on Grafana and want to send notifications via grafana-image-renderer. I’m using docker-compose and builded grafana and image-renderer as 2 seperate container.
I’m using node.js and it using port 3000, so my grafana server is on 3001 and image renderer on 8081.
I’ve set rendering server url as localhost:8081/render and callback url as localhost:3001.

My notification channel is working, I can get notification mails but images are not visible on mail.

Any comments?


Have you seen this documentation on running the grafana-image-renderer plugin on Docker?

You have a Docker Compose example that could help fix your issue. I think you should use container names instead of localhost in your URLs.

What did you mean with using container names instead of localhost? How can I access to website with container names?

I meant, in the Docker compose file. Instead of GF_RENDERING_SERVER_URL: http://localhost:8081/render, you may need something like: GF_RENDERING_SERVER_URL: http://renderer:8081/render where renderer is the name of your container based on the grafana-image-renderer image.

it is almost sure that you dont have the library, so, please install it with:
apt-get install libx11-xcb-dev.

To test it, please go to any charts, click in the down arrow -> Share, then click in Direct Link Rendered Image. A Google Chrome windows must appearing with the chart.