How to send a image render alert with email

Hi all,
I’m using a docker compose app with grafana and many more.
Grafana is “grafana/grafana:9.0.6” and Image Render is “grafana/grafana-image-renderer:3.4.1”.

I’ve update my Grafana.ini like below

server_url = http://renderer:8081/render
callback_url = http://grafana:3000/

and also in my docker compose file my grafana APP settings are (related to render)…

       GF_RENDERING_SERVER_URL: "http://renderer:8081/render"
       GF_RENDERING_CALLBACK_URL: "http://grafana:3000/"
       GF_LOG_FILTERS: "rendering:debug"

In my browser…, if I click on some panel, my share link it’s ok, it renders the image.
So all my services are up and running.

What isn’t clear to me is how to send a render image in an alert?
Is it only a enterprise features? It seems not to me… but I don’t know.

I don’t understand how can I insert it into my alert email message.


See this article to enable image rendering on unified alerts.
Images in notifications | Grafana documentation


Thanks it was what I found for my resolution.
Thanks anyway

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