Grafana image in Docker container. Can I dynamically change the .ini file

We are working on a solution whereby we have a Grafana image and and InfluxDB image running in a Docker container. We are using Azure AD for authentication to the Grafana dashboard created. Each of these dashboards are created in an individual stack. So, Joe deploys his stack and it produces a dashboard at Sue does the same thing and gets her dashboard at

Now, we can use Azure AD’s reply URL of https://* and it works fine for Joe. But, because the grafana.ini parameter of root_url needs to match the reply url in AD when Sue deploys her stack and clicks on the “Authenticate with Azure AD” button, it authenticates her then fails because it pulls up the Grafana image that has a root_url of

So it appears we need to somehow have the ini file modified at deploy time with stack name (Joe or Sue or whoever) being used. As I write this it does seem like this might be a question put elsewhere, but somebody here might have run into this, so what the heck.

Disregard, figured it out.

Please share your findings. We are also in a situation like this where we will have modify the url configured in grafana.ini at runtime.
Thanks in advance

I obviously don’t know what specific approach OP took, but you can change all settings through environment variables - see Configuration | Grafana Labs. It’s usually a convenient way of doing it when deploying containers.