Grafana Image connector to MicrosoftTeams

Hi Team,

It’s been a while I’m facing this issue and yet didn’t find a permanent solution for this.
I’ll explain the requirement and things I’ve done.

I’ve connected alerts to come from Grafana to Microsoft teams but I’m unable to see the Image of the graph there. I want to see the graph generated from Grafana to present in Teams. When I checked the log, png files are generating but It just doesn’t come on teams.

Things I’ve done

  • I’ve added external_image_store = local in grafana.ini file.
  • Tried connecting with s3, it works there. Images are showing up. But I want to see the image from external_image_storage=local.
  • Tried to make changes in json file on dashboard, but it just crashes.
  • Tried webdav, that also shows negative result.
  • When I tried to make changes in JSON also crashed with error.

This is the error.Capture

Thanks in advance.