Grafana Health Check API Not Working

Hi Everyone

I am using Grafana API to check the health of datasource via UID but when I am firing the API I am not getting the intended response and getting the error as : 404
full message:

       "message": "Not found",
       "traceID" : ""

as I can see that in ui datasource is getting created and the button: “save and test” is working fine but still via api it is not working (I have provided all the information correctly double checked it :wink: )
help would be appreciated


Makes a call to the health endpoint of data source identified by the given uid. This is not mandatory - every plugin author has to implement support for health checks in their plugin themselves.

Are you sure that used datasource has support for that?

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Is your Grafana service running in a containorized Enviornment e.g. Docker, Kubernetes or a local machine?