Grafana hardware prerequisites

Good morning,

we are installing the checkmk product for an enterprise customer and would like to integrate it with the Grafana dashboard.

What are the hardware requirements for this solution?

Thank you so much for your support.


Hi @tommasozanichelli,

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We are excited that you joined our OSS community. Please read about some of the FAQs in the community :slight_smile:

Regarding your question. Please check this documentation link regarding Hardware and Software requirements:

Regarding the Check_MK Integration, please follow this post as it has a working solution and could help you in the way:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

hi @usman.ahmad,

thank you for your support.
Unfortunately, the grafana documentation explain the minimum hardware requisites that we cannot use.

Is there a best practise for an enterprise customer?

Thank you


Hi @tommasozanichelli,

Thanks for the quick reply. In that case, I would recommend contacting the team using this link and explaining your use-case in detail.

I hope this helps.