Simple case - is the license required?

Hello, we have built for our customer infrastructure (plcs, sensors, rfid readers) to log some production line statistics/details into their SQL server. Now they would like to display some data (batch progress, products/min graf) on a big screen. The best soultion would be to have very simple Grafana installation at customer’s computer to do this. But are we allowed to install this or does it violate license? No enhanced features are needed, no cloud is possible (isolated production network). We won’t be doing any SaaS for them - just install, run and give them admin password.
Thanks in advance for simple yes/no answer - please don’t quote license text, I wouldn’t be asking this question if I could clarify this myself.

welcome @pklopotowskirsc

Just use the open source version, it is free.

But doesn’t it have same AGPL license ?

:unamused: I was attempting to go the simplr yes and no route but… :laughing: