Grafana FlowCharting v0.9.1 - I can not see any visualization

I am using FlowCharting version 0.9.1 and our Grafana version is v9.0.5.
I’m trying to visualize some flows, but I can’t see anything on Dashboard. When I click Edit Draw, there is another window that I can see my flow. But on Dashboard I can’t see anything.
At the same time, when I wrote Xml for the Source part, it gives me ‘invalid xml definition’ error. But still I can edit with pressing Edit Draw button, and I cant see anything on Dashboard.


Did you try another browser ?

Everything it’s ok for me with the configuration below :

  • flowcharting 0.9.0
  • grafana 9.3.1

I was having the same problem in Opera, then I opened Grafana in Edge and everything is working fine.