Grafana doesn't show the last hour worth of data because of DST

Hi All,
I have a Grafana server (using Graphite as data repo) running in NY.
The data is generated in UTC times by a server running in London which is currently running in BST (British Summer Time) which is currently 1 hour ahead of UTC.
The grafana dashboard is set up to show UTC as well.
The end result is that even though the time is say 10:33 (local / BST time) and the data has been generated up to 10:30, the data shown will only be up to 09:30.

What am I missing?
Please help.


Have you used your browser’s developer console to check the actual timestamps being sent to and received from Graphite? If you’re using the standard ranges in Grafana it sends Graphite requests like from=-1h&to=now and the actual time range is set by Graphite. If you’re viewing a specific range then it will send the unix timestamps and you can verify that they’re correct. The data coming back from Graphite will include lists of value/timestamp pairs, and again you can verify that the timestamps are correct.

The most likely explanation is that one of the machines (data producer, graphite or grafana host) doesn’t have the correct date and/or timezone set. I’d run date and date -u on each of the machines and verify that they produce the correct local and utc times.

Hi dcech,
Thanks for the speedy response.
Re: the machine times, they seem correct:
% date
Fri May 26 21:54:12 BST 2017
% date -u
Fri May 26 20:54:17 GMT 2017
Re: the Grafana request, I’m sending: http://grafana_host:3000/dashboard/db/xx-yy-eu?from=now%2Fd&to=now&editorTab=Metrics&panelId=17&fullscreen and one of the graphite requests looks like this: http://grafana_host:3000/api/datasources/proxy/3/render
Since the data I’m interested in (and is generated) only covers the 08:00 to 16:30 span I can’t really tell whether the time is behind since it’s past 16:30.
That said, the last time I get is: 1495833600 which correspond to Friday, May 26, 2017 2:20:00 PM GMT-07:00 DST (my time zone).

How else can I check whether the data is correct?
Tricks-of-the-trade welcome!

Strange, get almost no timezone issues with graphite the last few years. Usually issues like this is caused by graphite timezone setting being wrong or clocks being out of sync

Yep with a similar issue I found the times were wrong on my client systems (2 hours in the future compared to my desktop/browser!) Thanks!