Grafana docker on Windows - How to use Provisioning of datasource and dashboard?

On Windows 10 Pro, I have a running docker container of latest Grafana having the data-folder located on then host system (Windows 10).

docker run --name=grafana -v “c:\grafana-data:/var/lib/grafana” -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana

So far so good … It is running fine and some folder (alerting, cvs, plugins, png) and grafana.db are created in “c:\grafana-data".

Now I want to provisioning Grafana using a configuration file, setting up the datasource and dashboard.

My questions are:
1) Are there an example/tutorial doing that for a windows-platform installation ?
2) Should this configuration-file be copied into the docker container during build or should/can it be placed on the mounted volume (“c:\grafana-data") ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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here is an example docker compose template that you can try and work from. It’s not tested on Windows, but the docker compose setup should be transportable :+1:

hopefully this is useful

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