Grafana defaulting legend value to wrong column : New to Grafana here so please help a brother out

I am running a query that returns the following table,

Grafana is deciding that description count is actually my legend when I need it to be description, the time series aims at graphing different errors and how many times each error was thrown by a web server each day for the past month. Meaning the legend has to be the Description column so i have separate lines in my graph for each error. I have already tried to alias my description column in my query as {{instance}}, legend, and value, these solutions did not appear to work I am open to and grateful to any other potential solutions.

Welcome @bnorman

I would try this

  1. Use transformation tab to convert columns
    Created to time date type
    Description count to numeric
  2. Using transformation tab use Prepare Time transform and select one of the options (forgot which one so it bucketizes them the way you want it

Where is prepare time transform?

or bar chart