Grafana Datasource XY not found

Hello, everyone.

I’m having a problem with connecting Grafana with InfluxDB.
I’m using Grafana to get graphs from Nagios Core (Using InfluxDB + Nagflux + Histou), according to: Nagios Core - Performance Graphs Using InfluxDB + Nagflux + Grafana + Histou

Integration works OK. InfluxDb’s database named “nagflux” is filled correctly with data from Nagios Core, but I can’t connect Grafana with it. Irony is that I created datasource type InfluxDB with database “nagflux”, and I got green message “Data source is working”.

But, when I try to get graph via link: , I got error message in red triangle in left corner “Datasource named nagflux was not found”

My config:
Debian 10 (buster)
PHP 7.3.27-1~deb10u1
Grafana v7.4.3
InfluxDB v1.6.4

I saw similar post a year ago, without solution.

Did someone succeeded to solve the problem?


finally i found the cause . Name should be nagflux . Since it was influx by default , you might have left it as its .