[ GRAFANA ] Data points outside time range when tag keys has no longer values

Good morning to all,

I have some custom grafana graphs like this:

As you can see in attached image, i use tag alias to show values classified by this tag.
Problem is that when a tag key has no longer exists (has no already values), grafana graph shows next message “Data points outside time range”

I have tried to remove tag key from influxdb database with no more values, but it doesn´t work.

Do you know any solution or workaround to fix problem or hide this message from graph?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Alberto M.


It was neccesary to add " WHERE $timeFilter " inside query.

SELECT count(“instance_name”) FROM $retention_policy.“capacity_servers” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($execution_wait), “host_aggregate” fill(none)