Grafana dashboards for Elasticsearch V6

I’m trying to setup Grafana dashboards for a new ELK installation running Elasticsearch V6.2.1. I’ve tried using the dashboard found here, but it doesn’t display any data. Version 6.x isn’t mentioned.

I do have ‘-’ characters in my index names, but the Elasticsearch Index section of the documentation isn’t exactly clear:

Elasticsearch Index

You no longer need to do this, rather set the template variable to name.raw (v2) or name.keyword (v5) same applies for cluster_name

If your cluster_name or node names have "-" you will have to load a custom index to set the "name" field to not_analyzed

    "properties" : {
      "name" : {
        "index": "not_analyzed",
        "type" : "string"
  1. Does that mean that the custom index settings are no longer necessary if you set the template variable appropriately for your version?

  2. Is the fix for v6.x the same as for v5? Is there a fix at all? Or is v6.x just not supported by this dashboard at all?