Grafana Dashboard Time duration issue

Hello All,

I have created few dashboards and using time duration for last 6 months.

But it is showing 6 Months from current date, how can i get data of last 6 months starting 1st of that month.

Example :

Current date : 10-08-2021 , while using last 6 months - it is showing duration from
10-02-2021 to 10-08-2021.

but i need data from 01-02-2021 to 10-08-2021.

Hi @asc0691 and welcome to the community,

Have you tried using the time shift feature inside the query editor?

Hello @mattabrams, Thanks for answer. yes i have tried time shift but its not a static filter. I need this filter dynamically so that when ever i choose last six months it should start from starting of first month.