Grafana.cli broken, where to find config information

In theory, grafana can be configured using grafana-cli, however when I run that command, I get a list of files that I haven’t a clue what to do with, and a cryptic error message about 438 segmentation fault in line 39 (which is blank)

Would someone kindly enlighten me about this, or alternatively direct me to somewhere with a pedantic explanation regarding configuration of grafana-cli.

I don’t believe grafana is running, which may well be why I’m getting weird error messages.

A startup message mentions systemctl status grafana-server.service , which tells me precious little except that it failed with ‘signal’. What pray tell does failed with ‘signal’ mean ?

The log tells the same story, failed with ‘signal’

I notice a mention that log level can be changed in some grafana config file, but what grafana config file exactly ?

WHAT signal ?? Surely I’m not the first to encounter this

Edited the logging options from info to debug, however that didn’t make any difference whatever .

The only clue in the log is ‘Received signal terminated, shutting down’

I’m still 100% in the dark about ‘signal’

Is there a command to kill / exterminate / annihilate / destroy ‘signal’ ?