Grafana and Telegram bot

I had an interesting thought.
I want to make a telegram bot that can send a screenshot of the panel for a selected period of time.
I already have a lot of experience, but I ran into some difficulties.
If suddenly someone is interested or someone wants to help finish the project, that would be great!

I’m slightly puzzled by the combination of “screenshot” and “period of time”.

Do you mean a single image at one instant in time, or do you mean a video of
multiple screenshots over some interval?

Also, do you strictly mean “panel” (just one element of a dashboard) or are
you talking about a full screenshot of the entire dashboard?



Please post the work so far in github and show us what you have done so far

The logic of the bot is as follows:
First step. You choose an available dashboard
Second step. You choose the available panel that is on the dashboard
Third step. You choose the time interval for which the screenshot is required
Fourth step. Get a screenshot of the panel for the selected period of time