Grafana and Mongodb License requirements

Hello team,

I’m new to Grafana and looking to explore Mongodb and data visualizations.

Looking at the prerequisites, it suggests an enterprise license is required. does this work with the free license at all?


The MongoDB data source has the following requirements:

  • Valid license for Grafana Enterprise
  • Grafana user with a server or organization administration role; refer to [Permissions]
  • A MongoDB instance with at least one user.

Welcome to the Grafana forums.

From your link, it would appear that Grafana Enterprise is required.

Can I ask why you have selected MongoDB? What sort of data do you (or are planning to) visualize in Grafana? Is it time series data? How are you collecting the data now?

For network devops uses cases we’ve been using Mongodb for unstructured and time series data. We’re exploring tooling to present and visualize the data. At the moment we’re using stream telemetry service from network elements and storing in mongo tsdb.

Just spent time to understand some of the “free” options and get prometheus working the lab. Will continue to explore here.