Grafana Alloy basic question

Before to investigate more, I would like to know if Alloy is able to respond to our use case.

Right now:

  • we have a lot of vm with prometheus agent exposing their metrics.
  • our observability computer prometheus is scrapping our vms

We would like to install something in our vms to push the metrics to our obervability computer but we do not know how to do that.

We are sure we don’t want to use pushgateway because with it we loose our node_up / pg_up information…

Do you think Alloy installed is able to grab on a vm and push to our prometheus (instead of a pull with prometheus) ?

I think you can do this, essentially instead of scraping from prometheus server you’d scrape using alloy, then configure alloy to remote_write to your prometheus server.

You can probably test this pretty easily with a new VM or two.

Thank you so much for your answer!

We started something with prometheus remote_write and it is working in test, currently checking the cpu usage in this case for ARM64 and AMD64 architecture.

I keep the idea with alloy, I guess we will jump into the bandwagon sooner or later.

Thanks again.