Grafana Alerts JSON response and graph numbers are not in sync

Hello All,

I am trying to set up Alerts on one of the graph in Grafana dashboard. The graph panel shows different number and where as the JSON response of alerts shows different number, both are not in sync for same metric. As Alerts’s JSON response is not showing correct response, Alerts are not getting triggered for the application’s behaviour.
Request your help. I am attaching screenshots for the same.

Your are counting points in the alert rule config, and the legend show current , how do you expect them to be the same?

Hi Torkel,

Even if I change it to max(), min(), last() - the JSON response for most of the times shows null as value or sometimes shows 1 as a value for the metric.
I only receive emails saying [OK] or [No DATA} as an Alert emails.

I understood your point of not keeping it as count() and comparing it to current. Thanks!!!