Grafana Alert Value checking panel data API

Hi guys.

I am new to Grafana and now I am facing a problem I do not know how to solve.
At this point, I can update Alerts through the API and all is fine, but I want to check if the value the alert has is higher or lower than the value the original panel has. If this happens, just show, for example, alert(“Hi alert”).

I know that when I launch GET /api/dashboards/uid/:uid I get the JSON of the panel (Inspect: Panel → Select Source → Panel JSON) but what I need so I can make that comparison between these two values is to get the Data from the visualization panel (because the array with the values I need are not in the Panel JSON, they are in the Data JSON), the one I can check going to (Inspect: Panel → Select Source → Data). Is there any way I can have that data as a JSON response to any Grafana’s API endpoint?