Grafana Alerts from InfluxDB


I’m working on a dashboard for a piece of industrial equipment. I’m using node-red to read data from an industrial controller, parse it, and write it to InfluxDB. So far I have everything working perfectly with analog sensor data and displaying historical graphs.

My issue is I’m also looking to display alarm data from my controller. I have everything figured out on the node-red side and know how to log it into InfluxDB, my issue is I can’t figure out the best way to display that data in Grafana. It seems like the Alerting Engine is ideal for this situation but from what I read that’s only tied to generating alerts based on Grafana charts and such, and can’t be controlled from an external data source like InfluxDB. Am I wrong on this? If I’m not wrong is there a way to populate a table or something with values from InfluxDB? The data is very simple, just a Date Column and a string describing the alarm (“Feed Hopper High Level”).

Please forgive my ignorance, my expertise is in industrial controllers and this is all new to me. I appreciate any help I can get with this.


Maybe I was mistaken. I did another look at the table documentation and it seems like it does what I’m looking for out of the box.