Grafana alerting into multiple teams

I would like to setup a set of alerts based on the node exporter metrics for a large number of servers(these servers belongs to multiple application teams) and needs to map these set of alerts to multiple contact points.
node exporter for is configured for server A , B , C, D, each server belongs to different teams.
I need to configure a set of alerts for all the above 4 servers(Do not want to configure same alerts for all the four servers separately) and send alerts to the respective teams when it goes down or hit some threshold.

A —> Team A
B —> Team B
and so on

Any idea how to configure this?


What unique values do each servers have to indicate relationship to Teams X

How have you configured your contact points?

How do you configure new Teams within grafana, manually or dynamically (is that even possible)? Meaning if a new server comes into the picture but has no Team configured what happens to those alerts?

I’m figuring out things, in very early stage now.

What unique values do each servers have to indicate relationship to Teams X

In prometheus we set different job name for each application or labels can be added if required.

Rest I need to figure out.

I need to configure 5-10 alerts based on node exporter metrics and it should sent alerts to different teams when(ONLY WHEN) their servers are in trouble.

Or in other words,

Can I use labels that I set in prometheus to map to different “contact points” in the “notification policies” in Grafana? I know we can use some custom labels for each alerts but I don’t want to use that. I need to use the labels from the prometheus.

Anybody has any solutions to suggest?

it is also my problems, any solution?