Grafana - Alert Labels

I am utilizing the open-source Grafana platform.

My Grafana version is v10.4.0.

I am not able to add custom labels in my alert.
I can only use something called rule_uid. I want to add my custom label, how can I achieve this?

I can only choose rule_id as the label key and I cannot add a custom key.

No, you have only suggestions, which contain only existing labels. But you can still add own label(s). Just write it there and follow instruction, e.g. I want to add mykey label:

The same problem/solution is applicable also for label value.

You must update to the latest version of Grafana, as versions below 8.0.0 have limited options for customizing alert labels. Newer versions will allow you to add your own labels, giving you more flexibility in customizing alerts to suit your needs. Upgrading to a newer version will also bring you other improvements and new features that may be useful for your Grafana experience.