Grafana 9 alert matching labels don't work

Grafana v9.2.2(Both contact point are telegram channels)
In notification policies setup matching labels to contact point
And yet alerts come in default contact point.

Has anyone solved this problem?

Hi! Can you share the labels of the firing alert that you expected to match this notification policy?

cluster=EU_kafka cluster=kafka2

These are custom labels. It is possible that if this is not the name of the alert, label matching does not work

I think the issue is that you want the alert to match the notification policy if it has either the label cluster=EU_kafka or the label cluster=kafka2. However, I think the notification policy as shown requires alerts to have both cluster=EU_kafka and cluster=kafka2, which no alerts can match.

I think instead of having two matchers on the same label, there should be one matcher which is a regex similar to cluster=EU_kafka|kafka2.

Regex cluster=~kafka2|EU_kafka work.

I have a similar issue with v9.3.6 References to ${} is no longer working.