[Grafana 8 - Self Hosted] Dynamic Dashboard and Transform


I’m a beginner with Grafana, telegraf and influxdb2 (flux). I admit it give me some headhache.

I 've setup a dynamic dashboard with variable to navigate through my different host then report these variables to my panels queries.
I need to cumulate bytes-in and bytes-out in order to check total datas traffic, so I’ve used the transform function.
But, when I move from an host to another one, transform is not working. It’s only works on the first host I’ve setup the transform.
On pic, you can see that binary operation doesn’t care about the variable. The debugger is showing the right hostname, transform is showing the host where I’ve setup the binary operation.
It’s a bug or something I made wrong ?


perhaps this doesn’t work with multiple queries? have you tried merging them first?