Grafana 8 pagerduty alert use the same incident_key for the same group alert

version: Grafana 8.1.0

We are transfter alertmanager alerts to Grafana ngalert, but pagerduty plugin seems a different behavior.
We noticed Grafana group the same alert into a single incident with the same incident_key in pagerduty APIs. That means either we won’t get alert from pagerduty if there is another alert triggered from other node.

Is there a way we can use different incident keys for new alerts?

I am facing the same issue while integrating Grafana with PagerDuty.
Did you find any solution ?

This sounds like a bug. I think you should report it in the grafana repo.

yes, I think you can use group by with hostname in the notification policy to achieve that.


Thanks for the advice! We resolved this problem.

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