Grafana 8 - New Pie Chart

How do you sort the legend colums ie. Value and Percent, from highest to lowest and or vise versa? Using the new pie chart in version 8.

Any help on this question?

I played around with the legend (both List and Table modes) but found no way to sort the values in the legend (ascending or descending). I would hope the Grafana team will fix this in v8.1 as it should be an easy fix.

Hi, you must sort data in query (order by [your column] desc)

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Having the same issue (v8.02). And no, sorting the data in the query makes no difference with the “LEGEND”. When selecting the new Pie-Chart, whatever sequence specified in the query gets nullified when the “INDEX” is being built and the data is resorted in alpha (ASC) sequence.

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