Grafana 8.0.x & mysql. cache tab missing

Hello, I have a fresh install of Grafana 8 Enterprise running on CentOS 7.9. I have one single mysql source for data. This uses the standard mysql datasource. The DB itself is mariadb.

I want to enable query caching for this source, but I’m unable to see the caching tab in the datasource settings.

The documentation states that “Query caching works for all backend data sources”. Then later in the same documentation I read " Note: If query caching is enabled and the Cache tab is not visible in a data source’s settings, then query caching is not available for that data source." Which seems slightly contradictory.

I’ve tried uncommenting all the various “caching” options in the Grafana.ini, but I still don’t see the cache tab in the GUI. Is mysql not supported, or am I missing something?


Hi @nickhall

Can you link to the specific datasource plugin that you are using?

Apologies for the confusion. There is actually a difference between a datasource plugin, and a backend datasource plugin. The second is sort of a more sophisticated version of the first, where the http calls and middleware features are handled on the backend inside Grafana Server


I am having the same problem!

The cache tab is missing.


After growing frustrated with this “issue” myself I reached out to their support team who replied with the following;

Query cahcing is an Enterprise feature, and as such it isn’t available in Grafana OSS, or in the Enterprise version if you do not have a license.
Sorry, it is not clear in the documentation, but it is part of the Enteprise features:
Query caching | Grafana Labs

Grafana Cloud Pro does have some of Enterprise features included, for example reporting or caching.