Grafana 8.0 - ngalert - No preview picture in notification channel email

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In 7.x it was possible to have a preview image of the graph causing the alert in the email notification using grafana-image-renderer plugin. In Grafana 8.0 with ngalert enabled this seems to no longer be possible or am I mistaking?
I have updated the grafana-image-renderer plugin to the newest version.

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friendly bump, can someone confirm or deny this? also is there a templating variable that contains the actual current value that is offending the alerting rule? thanks

I was wondering about same thing (with 8.1), but couldn’t figure it out so I want back to old style :frowning:

There has been a new version of Grafana Image Renderer Plugin released and I have also updated to 8.1. I can confirm the plugin is working by going on a panel and choosing Share ==> Direct image. yet there is no screenshot of the panel added to the email even if create the alert using a panel. Has this feature been dropped or will it just need a few more updates? An answer would be appreciated.

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