Grafana 7 - Stat panel - Time of last point

When migrate Singlestat panel to new Stat panel, I can’t find the “Time of last point” option in view anymore.
Ver. 6.3.6:

Ver 7.0 (I can’t find Time of last point)

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I have the same issue with Grafana 7.0 and the fact that “Time of last point” option is missing in the new single stats plugin.

single-stat before migration:

single-stat after migration

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Another difference in the background:

It’s not very serious, but you could put an option to choose between the 2 modes.
If it is too complicated I think the display of version 6.3.6 is much better.

I ran into this too.
Is there a way to do “Time of last point” with the new Singlestat panel, or with transforms, or has this functionality been lost?

I tried everything that came to my mind but I couldn’t get the “time of last point”

Unfortunately for me this is strongly blocking :pensive: :pensive:

There are other minor issues as well, but this prevents me from upgrading to grafana 7

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I struggled with this too and somehow came up with a solution (using mysql and grafana 7.0.3).
This only works for Table Series though, in Time Series the Time value is rigorously ignored- I dont know whats going on there.
My DB field is of type datetime and I just save the mysql current_timestamp().

In Grafana I select the column and cast $__time(), then override unit as From now.

Here is an example using the query-builder, Ive also tested with raw sql which also works fine:

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I solved this by using Value “Last” and adding “relative time” (with value “5m” = last 5 minutes) to “Query options” ( since I want to display current/latest value only (regardless the selected time frame).

There is official solution to this ?

I would like to have a timestamp as well to see when the last update of data happened

Select the time field if you want to display the time of last data point