Grafana 7.0 Plugin Date Time from epoc on Dashboard

Hi, I am using Grafana 7.0 and trying to create a plugin for a database for a Hackathon. In the Plugin, I am passing the time array as epoc 1592187112663 converts to 6/14/2020, 10:11:52 PM using the site ( . However, when I look at the panel inspection in the Grafana dashboard, it is being converted to 2152-10-01 22:25:23
Therefore, the lines are not displaying for the stipulated time period (past one hour). Why is Grafana producing the wrong date? Is there some parameter I missed somewhere? I also changed the time zone from Default to New York as an attribute of the Grafana dashboard (Not in my code).
Given the time sensitivity for the Hackathon, I will appreciate a quick response.