Grafana 5 switch organisation

Before 5.0 I could switch organisations with the menu but I cant find this option anymore. How do I switch organisations in grafana 5.0. Is appending an url parameter the only way now?

Hi Sven,

Nice to meet you at GrafanaCon!

You find the switcher in the bottom left of profile menu.


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Hey Marcus, yea was really nice to get to meet in person.

I found it now with your help. The profile button is almost invisible in my installation probably because I have disabled gravatar. Thx alot.

Screenshot of “invisble” profile button. If you know what to look for you can see a slight hue difference.


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Same issue here. I have a dark gravatar and without this support thread, i would have never found this button and how to switch between organizations…
Please update the UI to make this more visible.

Fix was released in v5.0.1, see

Well this fix applies when you don’t have a gravatar, but if you do have a gravatar but a dark one (mine is all black), the result is the same and you don’t see this button at all.

How would you expect that Grafana should handle that you’re using a dark gravatar? I don’t see that Grafana can do anything in that case - must be up to the user.

If theme is dark, maybe display a light background (like a disk or circle) behind the gravatar?
I also searched for changing my avatar in grafana for a lighter one but it seems it’s not supported, the only option would be to delete the user and recreate it.

Le mar. 2 oct. 2018 Ă  11:07, Marcus Efraimsson a Ă©crit :

You can change avatar at for the email address you’re using in Grafana.