Enhancement request: switching organization

Enhancement request - navigation between organizations

I have two organizations, one of which is an anonymous organization which I use for displaying a dashboard on a couple of kiosk type PCs. This works perfectly and I love it.

What I have found is that trying to log in/out/swap between the two organizations to be able to modify the dashboards is a mystifying process. I’m never quite sure what I’ve done to manage to swap, but the process it not easy. Simply adding ?orgId=x to the initial URL doesn’t work. In fact it results in an error.

The request is that this process be looked at to make it clearer as it is confusing.

Also, the logout button is sometimes present and sometimes not. I’ve never changed anything to hide this, which seems counter intuitive. Opening /logout always works but the fact that the button is not always displayed when you are logged in is odd. I’ve seen other people asking the same question in github postings.

You’ll be happy to hear that this works much better in Grafana 5.0 beta (stable release in 2 weeks).