Grafana 5.0 - All tools for screenshot entrire page not work fine


All tools i use to screenshot entrire page only cut the part that I’m seeing from the window

Any idea?

In Grafana 4.6 work fine



I have no idea actually. Have you tried some other screenshot tool? Which ones have you tried?


Hi Marcus,

not work at

  • Awelsome Screenshot
  • FireShot
    it does not work in firefox either

with these tools I can capture the complete screens in other sites but not in grafana 5.x.x


Oh right. Tried FireShot and could not get it to capture the whole. Tried kiosk mode and hiding the meny but to no avail.

I would suggest you to create a bug report/issue.


Ok Marcus.

Thanks for the help

May I ask why are you interested in taking a screenshot of the entire page? If it is for reporting purposes, maybe the grafana-reporter would be useful for you.

thanks izakmaraisvt, I think it can be useful.

I’m going to try it