Grafana 10.0.2 alert message grouped by


Need some help from the experts here. I created a template for constructing email body for Grafana alerts. Which btw was working fine. The email body had links to dashboard and it was grouped by “firing instances”.

I am not sure what changed after that, but I lost that settings. And the one I am having now is just a basic html format. The “Grouped by” is also empty.

This is my template,
{{ define “hc.message” }}
{{ if gt (len .Alerts.Firing) 0 }}
{{ range .Alerts.Firing }}
{{ if gt (len .Annotations) 0 }}
{{ .Annotations.summary }}
{{ end }}
{{ if gt (len .Labels) 0 }}
{{ .Labels.SortedPairs }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}


Yeah the HTML template got overridden.

If you still want to have those button and all that, omit the changes you made and leave the template as default. Instead go change the HTML template in the “ng_alert_notification.html”. It should be located somewhere in “…/grafana/public/emails”.

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So it’s the default template. That resolves my issue. Thanks a ton.